Kindling (TBC 2022)

Shé (TBC 2021)

Dagda's Harp (2021)

X to X (2021)

Born in Damascus (2021)

Pops (2021)

In The Cold Dark Night (2020)

Guide Me Home (2020)

This Camera Is Broken (2020)

Voce (2020)

Isle of Us (2020)

O Black Hole! (2020)

Snakes, Fear, and Me (2020)

Forgive Me (2019)

Then and Now (2019)

Feeling Better (2019)

Mu Ai (2018)

The Dead Ones (2018)

Going Up (2018)

What Happened To Baghdad? (2018)

Like Glass (2018)

Imagineer (2018)

EuroTrump (2017)

Spaceman (2017)

Mischief Managed (2017)

Infinite (short) (2016)

Heaven Knows (2016)



Regression (PC, 2019)

Moon Eleven (PC, 2019)

Live With Us (Oculus VR, 2018)


Austrian Fed. Ministry for Climate Protection (UK ver) (2021)

Lymited (2021)

Sky Pool (2021)

All Nippon Airways: East Meets West (2019)

Littlewoods Christmas Advert (2017)


Rumble (2022)

The Tomorrow War (2021)

His Dark Materials: Season Two (2020)

Lowkey Films, dir. Connor O'Hara

BBC Films / NFTS Bridges dir. Renee Zhan

RTÉ/Joseph Wallace Films dir. Daniel Quirke

BFI Network dir. Lily Gwynne-Thomas

Scottish Doc Institute/Hailstone Films dir. Laura Wadha

Salaud Morisset dir. Lewis Rose

ABC, Sky Originals / RadicalMedia

dir. Stefan Georgiou

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dir. Emily Smith

dir. Laura Wadha

dir. Renee Zhan

dir. Alex Wickens

dir. Raphael Biss

dir. Alessandra Berti

dir. Alex Wickens

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Big Man Films, dir. Stefan Giorgiou

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dir. Laura Wadha

Initiative Motion Pictures, dir. Adam Spinks

Initiative Motion Pictures, dir. Adam Spinks

Observatory Pictures, dir. Nicholas Hampson

Initiative Motion Pictures, dir. Adam Spinks

Foregone Films, dir. Suzy Shepherd

Lowkey Films, dir. Connor O'Hara

tinite films, dir. Florence Hyde


Get Some Sleep

Finite Lite Games

Get Some Sleep



Embassy Gardens

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Littlewoods (co-composed with SixKB)

comp. Lorne Balfe - WWE Studios/Paramount Animation

comp. Lorne Balfe - Paramount Pictures

comp. Lorne Balfe - BBC/HBO